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Valentine's Day Blingy Tree Hanging Decor

(Light Pink/Red with Iridescent Gemstones)

Valentine's Day Heart Decor

(Lilac with Silver Sparkles)

Autumn Wall Hanging

(Hardware installed on back)

Mod-Podged Stocking on Pedestal

Seasonal Hand-Made Crafts

I adore the holidays, each and every one of them! I think my favorite part of those special times is all of the decorating that I get to do in my home. It's so exciting to break out all of the holiday items I've collected (and made) over the years. I'm so happy to see them again after a year! On this page you will find my Hand-Made Holiday and Seasonal Craft Items, all of which are for sale in my shop. I hope you enjoy what you see!!

Christmas Blingy Tree Hanging Decor

(Olive Green/Dark Brown with Red Gemstones)

"PEACE" Stand-Alone Shelf Decor

(White with Silver Sparkles)

Christmas Blingy Tree Hanging Decor

(Sea Green/Medium Brown with Red Gemstones)

"JOY" Picture Frame Ornament