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  1. Why should I choose you to do my book and not someone else?

    There is no strict, valid reason to choose me. Again, I find total enjoyment in making scrapbooks. I have a lot of heart that I put into it and I smile all the way through. I have a strong love for photos and the memories that speak volumes through them. I know that I can convey all the emotions that were felt when that photo was first snapped, through a book. If you choose me to make a book for you, I promise that you will love what you receive and love the response if giving it as a gift. It is all about cherishing and adoring some great lifetime memories.

  2. Can't I do it myself? Why pay you?

    Of course anyone can make a scrapbook themselves. It isn't rocket science. However, it is very time consuming. Unless you are working on it 24-7, it's going to take a few weeks to complete it. Fortunately for you (and me), I have that kind of time right now. There are a million different ways to make books and it comes down to how you want it to look, which, like any decisions, can sometimes be frustrating. I believe I have a good eye for detail and positioning of photos, etc. without being a professional.

  3. Why would I choose a homemade book versus a site that offers pre-made pages and embellishments?

    As far as I'm concerned, anyone could throw together a book on some website. I've actually done it myself a few times and while it is more professional looking, to me it loses something. Like I'd mentioned, anyone could do what I do too, but to really have a passion for it is where things come into question. It is a bit cheaper to make some online scrapbooks, but you also don't have to kind of variety that you do with a homemade one. For example, websites only offer so many embellishments (ie: stickers, ribbons, buttons, etc.) and each one of them costs money. With a homemade book, the stickers do cost, but you have a plethora of ones to choose from and you get more for your money. Instead of paying $2.50 for one online embellishment, you could pay $2.50 and get 7 or 8.

    Also consider this: if there are any pieces of personal memorabilia that you want in your book (ie: ticket stubs, shreds of a special material, greeting cards), you can't get that in an online book. It is basically up to the company who owns the site and what they feel are good embellishments to offer and that is what you get to choose from...but that's it.

  4. What is the deal with the high pricetag?

    Believe it or not, my books are priced somewhat lower than others. I looked at many sites to see what they charged and I was astounded by the prices and I figured that I HAVE to price them a little lower because quite frankly, I wouldn't pay the prices that I saw. Plus, there IS a lot of work and time that goes into the book so I have to make a profit somehow. They are worth every penny!

  5. What occasions can you make a book for?

    I can make books for almost any occasion you could think of. I've made books for the following events:

    Birthdays (milestone and regular)

    Bridal Showers and Weddings

    Baby Showers and "First Year"'s

    Nostaligic Photos and Memories

    Pet Books

    "Just Because" special occasion needed.

  6. What are your favorite types of books to make?

    I love making all kinds of books, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a favorite. I love Vacation Books! Being a Jersey Girl, I love my Jersey Shore time in the summer and LOVE the beach and ocean and palm trees! I love making Disney Books as well because of my sick obsession with Walt Disney World!

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